Glad in winter

The monthly posts here always tended to appear rather late in the month, but this time things really got out of hand.

Ιt took so long to finish the news post mostly because December was choke-full of amazing physics happenings. Well, at least it had four of them. Plus a bonus. Read about them all here.

In personal publishable news there is not much. I’m trying to bring about many small changes in my lifestyle and what better time for this than the start of a year (oh, yes, have a great 2022!).

Let me leave you with two links. The first one is a blog (warning: written in greek) frequently updated with space news, by someone who is a friend of The Ph-word, a girl, and a high-school student – a detail you couldn’t really tell just looking at the blog. So, let me proudly link to Τα Νέα του Διαστήματος (Space News).

And finally, in an effort to bring our attention back to this planet and want to keep it there for more than ten seconds, enjoy the cutest and deadliest cats on Earth.

Margaret Nazon, “Old Star Gives Up Ghost”, beadwork.

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