The mixed issue

October would have been a nice month. I traveled to Vietnam, my malaysian social life is getting consolidated, the new semester is somewhat less stressful and various things are on a visible orbit of improvement. I would have felt seriously contented, if only a couple million people weren’t cornered in a few square kilometers and methodically massacred while a large portion of the planet cheered on. Which feel easily like the two worst events of this century.

Poet Nazim Hikmet wrote “And I don’t bother anymore to lift my head toward the bright skies. I find more astonishing more powerful more mysterious and gigantic this man stopped on his way and chained”. This was on my mind while writing up this month’s ph-news, which had been mercifully short. It feels like the starlit skies and the subatomic treasures can lose their grip on us sometimes.
But you know what?
If the stars do lose their grip on us, the others win.

Enjoy a photo of a thousand galaxies in the Perseus Cluster by the Euclid telescope:

Photo of the Perseus Cluster of galaxies by the Euclid telescope

PS: As this blog gets read by a few professional scientists, if you are one of them I’d ask you to take a look at this statement about Gaza started by academics in Malaysia.

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