The personal Ph-post: September ’23

September was a personally interesting month, with the main highlight being a trip to Thailand. In Chiang Mai our group had a meeting with people from the thai national astronomical institute, and in Bangkok I had a small refreshing vacation.

Detail at Bangkok’s Weekend Market.

In vaguely related news, I had the chance to watch Interstellar on a cinema screen for the first time. And I realized that it makes a lot more sense if one stops thinking of it as a space exploration adventure.

Eventually watching Oppenheimer wasn’t bad either, although I don’t consider it fully watched yet as long as scenes were cut from it (nationwide).

At the Luna Wonderland light show, Seremban, Malaysia.

I’ll leave you with three things: The month’s Ph-news. A small serendipitous link (solar powered clothespins illuminate city streets). And a niche commentary on particle physics.

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