Cute lights in the dark

One of the things I’m professionally into these days is science journalism (which I started occasionally dealing with a couple of years ago). November was a good one, as a new feature article by yours truly was published and I’ve also been on a cool press trip. And of course on this blog there was the ph-news and a small intro to particle physics written by a new co-author.

The article was about solar storms and what a danger for aviation they are, and appeared in none other than The Daily Beast; read here how an airplane would be one of the worst places to find yourself at if the Sun acts up. As about the trip, it was to Serbia, it included lots of research and start-ups (and definitely alcohol and balkan mojo) and I’ll write more about it separately.

Nikola Tesla’s sleek suit at the Tesla Museum, Belgrade.

During the month I also learned about the “dark academia” aesthetic; it completely transformed my autumn, which I usually find sad but which this time I found quite deep and ambient and fitting with the aesthetic perfectly (because nothing beats turning annoyances into style). I’ll sign off with a couple of hip links, only now they are somewhat in line with dark academia.

So, you can enjoy the last days of autumn while sipping your tea with rum (yes, what?), reading classical modern greek poetry translated to english, reading the incredible story of the greatest art thief, and listening to a playlist nostalgic for the stars.

As a bonus, that last video is honored by what is perhaps the greatest comment on youtube ever (I realize this is not a bar set very high, but stay with me): “The universe is far too expansive for us to be the only ones in it. But if we are, we’ll always have the stars.”

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