I know what you did last end-of-summer

True to blogging traditions, let me offer some sneak peaks into the blogger’s personal life, although honestly who would be interested in reading this.

In September (whose Ph-news you can read here) I spent a few relaxed days in Kalamata, a greek town with character where I have more than a dozen relatives. Between catching-up, swimming and seriously consuming local food, I discovered that someone has created a “Euclidean geometry street” downtown.

“Ptolemy’s theorems” and a dozen more in a nightlife street.

While back in Athens, I was very glad and astonished to give a tv interview about dark matter to a foreign channel! I’ll post more once it’s on air. Unless I don’t look good of course.

Now for something different: I am a member of Europe Must Act, an organization asking for improvement of Europe’s and Greece’s immigration policies (boy do they need it), and a couple of weeks ago we launched a campaign. If you are curious, take a look and if you agree please sign it. Caveat: it’s in greek. But to quench your curiosity, let me post here an english graphic – and, with it, bid you goodbye for this month.

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