Moderate albeit neat

In ph-news, July was somewhat moderate, albeit neat. You can read all about it in the month’s ph-post.

In personal news, July was filled with an inordinate amount of swimming, exercise, travels and end-of-semester exams — because you know what? it is summer, and actually it is summer year-round around here.

(Okay, fortunately this last one doesn’t apply to exams, which turned out a quasi-traumatic experience for more than one of the sides involved.)

My summer vacation was spent in Greece and, briefly, India. The former helped a great deal with my family and greek friends not forgetting all about me, while the latter knocked some proverbial socks off in Old Delhi’s alleys.

Now I’m off to what university lecturers spend their summers doing (trying to contribute to science through research instead of vicariously). And I wish the ph-readers spend their summer in the best ways possible.

Afternoon masala tea in Delhi or maybe a fairy tale.

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