Read the nice and optimistic ph-news of April and May here, because yes, two months have passed since my last “personal” post.

In these two months I gradually left my job as a coordinator for an IT company’s participation in research projects (gradually = going from full- to part-time and then to zero). The reason is devoting a few months to personal work on my solar physics research: this thing has been on my mind for some time now, and it’s a good moment to see if it can work in the direction I think it will.

If you feel curious about the solar stuff, a briefish intro is found here. And if you are wondering about “personal work on research”, yes, that’s why I call myself a “lady scientist” these days.

But probably my most spectacular personal news is being a digital nomad. I’ve spent the last two months in Bangkok (which might explain the lack of blog posts), a place that is inexpensive, pleasant, interesting, and one of the first in Asia to open again their borders. I’m now getting ready for a couple of months in another place and am eager to see if all this will bring about inspiration or stupor :p

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