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Last month brought us some small but impressive physics news, which you can read all about in the post here.

I also wrote elsewhere, on the site Massive Science, about a study that used some original thinking to look for the mysterious dark matter. A part of it involved the fact that there have been no reported deaths from radioactive shots in the head.

In news on my science journalism attempts, I am happy to say that my second professional article was finished. (The first being this one in December.) It will appear in late spring but I can tell you now that its topic is exocomets. Yeah, these fellas do exist!

For some time now I’ve been “designing a portfolio career strategy for myself” (an accurate and entertaining expression that I came across). I tried out several things, some of them a bit experimental, and I was curious to see which one will be the first to “break the symmetry” (another great expression, this time from particle physics). Last month the symmetry was broken big time with a tech coordinator position for research projects at an IT firm. I still feel a little dazzled, to the extent that one can be while working with others from home.

To sign off for this month, here’s a cute link to some more physics. Of course physics is not only about trillions of galaxies, mega-quasars and quantum internet (as in, ahem, the latest Ph-news), but about explaining the world, down to the changes in clinking when stirring your coffee: Why does the clinking sound go down in pitch when Ι stir sugar into my coffee?

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