Steps at the turn of the year

Last month there was nothing newsworthy in physics. So for the month’s post I recycled the most important news of the year and the most WTF news of the year. This gave me some time to finally finish the first of a new category of posts: “The ph-word in…”
“The ph-word in…” will be posts dealing with the physics mentioned in various science fiction works, basically movies and shows. I started here with the movie Arrival. To be honest in this case it’s mostly math but it does have a physics-y side. (However, I had to fight myself to not take powers of two as an excuse to write about Squid Game.)

But apart from that, for the last post of the year I have two links and one photo for you.

The first link is a book that combines three great things – it’s written by a reader of the Ph-word, it’s about particle physics and it makes a very good Cristmas present for kids: voilà, “Your Adventures at CERN“.
(A note: As you can see the book’s description says “You will be catapulted to CERN, one of the most famous laboratories in the world. You can choose to play the role of a researcher, a student or a tourist, but keep your eyes open for a threatening dinosaur.” If you’d like a tip from me, choose the tourist.)

The second link is simply the most amazing article that I’ve read this year: “This Poet Never Went to School, so She Invented Her Own Alphabet to Write Poetry“.
Incredibly, only much later after I thought of linking it here did I realize the similarities between this story and Arrival. (And if the similarities don’t really look obvious, welcome to being Chapette.)

Finally, an older photo but still one of the best for signing off a year and sending you wishes with the pic of something ice-y other than icecubes in a cocktail. Do you guess what it is? (Look for the answer here.)

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    1. Yes. And I think of all the similarly bad stories we never hear of because they don’t manage to end up sufi poets by their bootstraps.

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