The May post

May was not a bad month. You can read May’s main ph-news in the post here.

In silly personal news, having the nomad in me stiffled for so long gave rise to an interesting experiment involving airbnb. I was tired of living in the same Athens neighbourhood whenever I found myself in Athens (that is the biggest part of my life) and more so during the last couple of years. But at the same time I was wary of moving my belongings around to somewhere that might not even prove a good place in the long term. So, our friend airbnb came to the rescue, and for a month I had the joy of residing in another place in the greek capital. Not as far away as it should be, but the element of change was something.

In scientific personal news, my second solo paper was accepted for publication! It will appear in Advances in Space Research and, like the previous one, it is about some, ehm, original ideas on predicting solar activity. It will appear here, where at the moment there is only a preview. Let me say more about it at a later episode (but if you are curious about the previous research you can look at my website).

Have a fun end of spring, look at a rare panther and tell CERN what to do with rock:

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