What spring is like (on Jupiter and Mars ♪)

March ’21 had some small titillating news which you can read about here. For extra drama this time I rated them according to how possible it is that they will prove true under further scrutiny, and to how interesting they actually are.

Speaking personally, a sizeable chunk of last month went to rewriting an article, currently under review at a space science journal. It has to do with the half-crazy solar physics research I’ve been doing for some time now.

Apart from physics, and on a different note, I also got involved in expanding Europe Must Act in Greece. Europe Must Act is an organization hoping to end the nightmare of concentration camps, er, I mean refugee reception facilities, on greek islands. If you also feel like being heard on this issue you can find local groups here – and here you can follow the news of the greek one.

Signing off with my habit of sending out random sciencey recommendations, here are two of them:

Beyond the Abyss: What you’d see if you dived real deep.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: The person who first realized that the sun is made out of hydrogen instead of being a very hot earth. Of course, she wasn’t recognized for it and she wasn’t even paid for her university teaching.

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