Let the sun shine

My monthly post with the ph-news was a bit delayed this time, because of a short but very uplifting trip to Zurich and because of a story involving a password.

In addition to the news you can find three more posts about an incident in Marie Curie’s life, the surprising lack of SETI studies, and a cozy project that you can get involved with if you do or study science.

Looking for more ways to procrastinate and use physics as an excuse? or at least as something to laugh at? Proceed at your own risk to “Crystals are dark matter’s best friends“, the second post I wrote for ParticleBites, the site that speaks particle physics to physics undergrads.

Or, have a look at the new version of a paper of mine, concerning predictions about the new solar cycle that is just starting. (If you are curious about this, I actually recommend reading either this older post first -definitely more pleasantly written- or an explainer on my website.) In brief, I’ve worked on a quirky little model for the solar cycles and in about seven years it’ll be possible to tell if its predictions come true.

Hoping that I contribute in weird ways to you having an interesting summer, I sign off here.

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