New year, new blog!

Hi dear internaut and thanks for reading my blog with the latest from particle physics, cosmology and astroeverything.

The year, which even astronomers agree has too cute a number to not be the start of a new decade, has entered gracefully. However, the transition from a newsletter, which was The Ph-word’s previous form, not quite so (as you can see, especially if you are on a small screen… in that case the site’s look is honestly a disgrace).

In any case, appearance and CSS issues aside, last month gave us a bunch of small news talked about in this post. Incidentally, if you find yourself being curious about quantum computing you might like the link here. Meanwhile, older pieces that are still readable are turning into posts and they’ll keep doing so through the next weeks.

I hope you enjoy reading them all and, if any of the posts creates a reaction in you, please write a comment about it!

PS: If you are still subscribed to the Ph-mailing list or if you do so now, you’ll get one email per month linking to the new posts. Just so you know.

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