The month en rose

Tiny monthly update! First of all, if you haven’t already read last month’s Ph-news you can do so here.

Apart from that, I’ll be glad if you read my off-site article titled “How a balloon flying over Antarctica made parallel universes tabloid fodder“. It’s exactly this, about how last spring an experiment found itself in tabloids in a totally different context than intended. I also take on my pet peeve, the multiverse. (Also, I was very glad to see the article retweeted hilariously by S.Hossenfelder, one of my fav physics writers.)

My personal quest of doing science in weird and often convoluted ways took some interesting turns lately. I had a brush with a company that sets up start-ups, which gave me some notions that might prove useful in the future. Also, for some time now I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to get into science journalism; in the past weeks I had two articles commissioned by respectable science magazines, so it looks as if this one can go somewhere. I’ll hopefully write here more about all this at a later time.

Last, sharing is the best, so let me put here a few random links that you might like reading:

Forever young: Fighting aging has become a lot more specific.

She’s got game: Motivation to become a gamer: not allowed to get out of home (in Saudi Arabia).

World-first confirmation: Someone finally did the experiment and proved that masks protect also the wearer. (Bad news, I guess, for those who believed fanatically that this is the case without looking for any evidence first; but hey, they will always find something else to get their scienticism on.)

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