Under weird conditions

Back to personal blog posts after three months! Half of that time I spent happily in Daejeon, a city in S.Korea where I lived for two years in the past.

Let me be moderate in my expressions and say that I had a great time in Daejeon before and I had an awesome time now. This included and was not limited to buckets of tea and soju, villages and mountains, deep meditation, nightlife and tea ceremonies, heatstrokes and hangovers, seeing my old ‘hood, visiting friends in all places from tiny restaurants to labs to underground malls and being humbled by the hospitality.

As mentioned earlier, before that I had spent two months in Bangkok, and eventually it was time to return to Athens. The comforts of home and the heat outdoors helped staying on track with the project that spanned all these months. This is to take a close look at a study in solar physics that I started years ago, and which now might be good for a next level. (And as I wrote when Ph-word first started, I’ll give updates on research done under weird conditions.)

Okay, I got carried away here and literally almost forgot to link to the ph-news of August. Have a look and hit any comments you may come up with on that keyboard!

The Anapji pond at Gyeongju town.
The drone show doesn’t lie.

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